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Komal, Danish & Nadeem Will Need Special Assistance to Catch Up With Other Students

A Plea For Help

Nadeem & his wife, having worked on brick kilns all their lives, struggling to clear one debt after another, always find themselves under new loans and unending debt. From their life experience, they realized that this can’t be the future of their children. They know education is the only way out of such bondage so they asked their local leader to find a possibility for their children to receive a formal education.

After receiving this information, ABC staff made a visit at the brick kiln, their place of work, to visit with the family and their children. Upon their arrival, the ABC team was met with many more school age children than the three they planned to visit. Altogether, we were told, there are around 14 school age children who work with their families at this brick kiln and would also want to be able to go to school.

On this visit, due to lack of space, facilities, and finances, ABC could only offer this help to Komal Nadeem (9 years old), Danish Nadeem (10 years old) and Dawood Nadeem (7 years old).

Across the country, there are hundreds of thousands of children who are trapped in such circumstances and ABC Pakistan wishes to reach out to as many as possible and provide them with an opportunity to get out of the quagmire of this bondage so that they can improve their lives and the future of their coming generations. ABC also wants to be able to go back to this very facility and extend a similar opportunity to other work & playmates of Komal, Danish and Dawood.

Your generous donations can help ABC Pakistan to reach out to these children who deserve to experience their childhood as they should and move forward for a better future.