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Khanqa Dogran School

ABC school in Khanqa Dogran is located on the outskirts of the main town which are to serve several surrounding villages and communities. Initially, ABC Pakistan was able to provide transportation to children coming from surrounding communities but due to lack of funds, this had to be discontinued therefore this school is now serving children living at a walking distance. Parents and guardians of the students work in the fields, factories and small industries earning meager wages. ABC will reach out to the other communities again when a financial situation will allow ABC to provide transportation and lunch. This school is being run in a rented building and when possible, it would be desirable to have ABC’s own school building. Over 130 children study in this school.

Currently, the school is being run up to grade 8 but in an ideal situation, ABC would like to keep this school to grade level 5 and when students complete their levels here, they would be moved to the boarding school in Machike. Due to lack of funds, space and facilities in the boarding school, ABC Pakistan had to accommodate these students in their current school. As the situation improves, Khanqa Dogran School will roll back to grade level 5.

In order to provide all the needs of the children and to keep up with the operating expenses of the school, ABC desperately needs individual sponsors for all of the school children.