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Neha Sadiq Smiles When Maxwell Ditta Tells Her That She Can go to School

Neha Sadiq

Neha Sadiq, the youngest of six siblings, still carries a great interest in receiving formal education after having to drop out of school due to difficult family circumstances. Her other siblings, some married and others also doing their share of work to lighten the unending burdens of financial loans taken by the family from brick kiln owners, wish at least out of all brothers and sisters, Neha, who still dreams to go back to school, can receive education.

ABC Pakistan team visited Neha at her place of work to find out if she still has that eagerness to be back in school and to offer her that opportunity. While talking to Neha, Maxwell Ditta could see the excitement and joy on her face when told that she could go back to school and will live in ABC Machike boarding facility.

Neha and her family, not knowing her birthdate, think she is between 10-12 years old. Despite her age and missing out on early years of education, Neha believes that it is by receiving proper education that she can come out of the bondage that she finds her other siblings and herself already trapped in.

ABC Pakistan will work with Neha and try to accelerate her education so she can catch up with her age group and then continue as a regular student there after.

ABC Pakistan needs a lot help in order to reach out to many more children like Neha and your generous donations can make it possible.