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New Dormitory for Girls’ in Machike Boarding School

ABC Pakistan started dormitories by renting homes and small buildings located near to the schools. Having these facilities, located at distance from each other, posed a lot of challenges and security and safety issues. After a few years of operation, the land was acquired in Machike and a temporary facility was built to house the girls. The temporary facility was crowded, not well lighted and ventilated and was the cause of many health problems for the girls.

Towards the later part of 2013, the government of Iceland, through ABC Children’s Aid Iceland, provided funds to build a new dormitory for girls in Machike Boarding School. It took a little more than two years to complete this facility and in January 2016 girls moved from the old facility to their brand new dorms.

The girls and the management of ABC Children’s Aid Pakistan are so excited to see the new dormitory completed which will house 240 girls. This new facility is much more spacious, well lighted, well ventilated and will pose fewer health problems due to good living conditions. Spacious and adequate toilet and bathroom facilities make it possible for girls to keep themselves and their clothes cleaner, reducing health issues. Well lighted and spacious rooms provide a good living atmosphere and individual cupboards provide room for privacy and develop a sense of responsibility. Due to cultural and security issues, girls feel much more secure inside the confines of the gated facility and with this, they have enough courtyard space to create the feeling of freedom as well.

Within a short while, the management has noticed a positive change in the dormitory environment. Girl’s are happier and are more enthusiastic about their studies. Reported health issues are also on the decline due to a clean and spacious environment. Many girls have commented that they love their new toilet and bathroom facilities saying that they can now take more frequent showers and keep themselves well-groomed with clean/washed clothes. Thanks to the government of Iceland for such a wonderful gift for the girls in Pakistan.