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Hamrajpura School

Hamrajpura School

Hamrajpura is a village where most underprivileged families live under huge sums of debts to the landlords and business owners. Most of the students in the ABC school are in one way or the other affected by this situation. If it was not because of the initiative was taken by ABC and the opportunity provided to receive formal education, most of these children would be working either in the fields, factories or brick kilns to lower down their family’s debt. It took a lot of convincing and explaining for the families to send their children to school rather than work. They were shown that the only way out of the vicious circle that they are all caught in from generations is through education. Families and children are grateful to ABC for making them realize this and for providing an opportunity to their children to receive formal education nevertheless, the work for ABC is not free of challenges. Close to 150 children study in this school.

ABC school in Hamrajpura is one of the ABC schools where none of the students are sponsored. ABC Pakistan is operating this schools under a lot of financial constraints and at times it is very difficult to provide even the bare necessities.

This school is being run up to grade level 8 but in an ideal situation, ABC would like to keep this school to grade level 5 and when students complete their levels here, they should be moved to the boarding school in Machike. Due to lack of funds, space and facilities in the boarding school, ABC Pakistan had to accommodate these students in their current school. As the situation improves, Hamrajpura School will roll back to the Grade level 5 with a maximum capacity of 130 children. More children can be taken in if the facilities are improved considerably.

In an ideal situation, ABC Pakistan would like to have its own school building in Hamrajpura. ABC School has been operated in rented houses and had to change locations when contracts ran out or the owners needed their place.

In order to provide all the needs of the children and keep up with the operating expenses of the school, ABC desperately needs individual sponsors for all the school children in Hamrajpura.