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Teacher’s seminar – ABC children’s aid Philippines

On July 2, 2010, teachers and representatives from ABC schools from Manapla, Bacolod, Pahanocoy, Davao and Baguio came together in Bacolod ABC School in YMCA for a seminar featuring Mrs. Gil C. Tampoa as the speaker.

Mrs. Tampoa extensively expounded on the need of “Improving Quality of Christian Education”. At the start of the seminar, Maxwell Ditta talked about the role and objectives of ABC Children’s Aid and emphasized that the love of Christ should be reflected through us in our ABC schools. It was emphasized that the children served in the ABC Schools come from very different backgrounds in which they are deprived of a normal childhood therefore they require much more tolerance, patience, love and care than children brought up under normal conditions.

Mrs. Tampoa carried the thought further by emphasizing that ABC Schools should provide loving service with quality Christian education to all deserving children. She further emphasized that ABC schools should become institutions where “Thinkers” not “Reflectors of others’ thoughts” are educated and trained.

Mrs. Tampoa also discussed the importance of classroom discipline. She talked about methods that can be put in practice to maintain good classroom discipline which would leave positive impacts rather than negative outcomes.

Teachers were encouraged to motivate top performance without sacrificing Christian values in the process. Teachers were reminded that Jesus is the Master Teacher and they are His instruments therefore move away from man-centered education to God-centered education.

The attendees of the seminar were blessed and the bond between the ABC staff became much stronger and everyone understood the role God wants them to play as a member of the ABC family. It was felt that such joint activities for all ABC staff enhance relationships, promote positive working environment, develop new friendships, make bonds stronger and create sense of togetherness as opposed to separately concentrating on individual projects or areas of responsibility.